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Zombies = AWESOME! Saw 6....yes SIX!
This time we're the Aliens! A New Telling of an Old Classic!
Who will she choose?Gary Oldman, Denzel Washington & Ray Stevenson
2001, a bridge too far, a bugs life, alien, all the president's men, american psycho, an affair to remember, annie hall, apocalypse now, assault on precinct 13, batman, batman begins, beetlejuice, big fish, bladerunner, blow out, blue velvet, body double, bonnie and clyde, boogie nights, bugs life, bullet, casablanca, casanova, charade, chinatown, christine, cinderella, citizen kane, city lights, collateral, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dr. strangelove, dracula, e.t. the extra-terrestrial, easy rider, escape from new york, eyes wide shut, frankenstein, friday the 13th, ghostbusters, ghostbusters 2, gone with the wind, goodfellas, halloween, hannah and her sisters, havana, heat, indiana jones, james bond, jaws, jfk, kill bill, king and i, kings & queens, l.a. confidential, lost in translation, love affair, mathieu amalric, matrix, mean streets, metropolis, midnight run, midway, miller's crossing, moby dick, mogambo, monsters inc., movies, muppets take manhatten, naked lunch, narc, natural born killers, nightmare before christmas, nightmare on elm street, nil by mouth, nixon, nobody's baby, north by northwest, nosferatu, one fine day, one-eyed jacks, out of sight, patriot games, planet of the apes, platoon, point blank, pretty woman, psycho, public enemy, raging bull, rainman, rebel without a cause, romancing the stone, rushmore, sabrina, scarface, secret of nimh, shaun of the dead, sherlock jr., silence of the lambs, some like it hot, south pacific, soylent green, spaceballs, spies like us, streetcar named desire, stripes, superman, susperia, taxi driver, terminator, terminator 2, texas chainsaw massacre, the birdcage, the birds, the dark knight, the deer hunter, the firm, the godfather, the goonies, the graduate, the great escape, the hustler, the in laws, the killing fields, the misfits, the omen, the order, the professional, the right stuff, the royal tenenbaums, the shinning, the shootist, the third man, the untouchables, the wild bunch, the wild one, tiptoes, touch of evil, traffic, training day, true grit, unforgiven, vampires, vertigo, wolf, wolfman, young frankenstein